Digital Verifiable Credentials

A New Form of Corporate Digital ID
Turn Data Into Business Assets


Utilize your business data

Introducing a new form of Digital Identity for corporate based on open stardards, which allows you to carry your business data and present to others in real time, more trustworthy and respect your business privacy.

Grow Business With Trusted Trade Data

Integrate to your business

Paperless, accurate, reliable trading data

Verifying service companies’ representatives

Customers could scan the professionals’ Verifiable Credential to ensure they are dealing with a certified and qualified person.

Validating litigation, KYCs, and business transactions

Proof of any legal matters, KYCs or transaction evidence can be issued in a digital form.

  • e-commerce
  • warehouse
  • shipped
  • Accounting
  • debt
  • blockchain
Identity Management
Sensitive company resources, such as financial data, should be protected more than just by username and password. It can be used to authenticate and manage digital identity for those who are participating in the network.
Smart Contract Automation
It supports Smart Contract functionality which is useful for a specific type of transactions data and automation end to end process
The network created using Fabric is efficient as it ensures that the execution of the transaction is separate from the transaction commitment. It also provides parallelism and concurrency.
Privacy and confidentiality
It designed to protects the business interest by ensuring that the transactions are confidential and private and stay within blockchain network.
Cost Effective

Eliminate manual process and increase accuracy

Trusted Data

Application of Blockcahin: Hyperledger Fabric

fast (1)

Required data can be ready in a second

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