Centralize to manage the entire trade process
Get Financing support with one click


Centralize to manage PO, warehouse and logistics


Blockchain hyperledger applied, only company has permission to access


Cost Effective, eliminate manual process and enjoy a good interest rate

Managing on LIQUID

✓  Purchase Order
✓  Warehouse – Pick and Pack
✓  Logistics – Product Delivery
✓  Invoicing
✓  Financing Request

How it works

An integrated digital trading platform to manage the entire trade process

Trusted Transaction Data back by Blockchain

Connecting to your Bank, Provide a trusted, efficient and automated way for credit approval

Traditional Trade Finance

Preparation by Applicant

Loan application form and required document

Document delivery

Sending Original document to Bank by courier

Bank Review

1st Review by Relationship Manager

Bank Review

2nd Review by Credit Team

Release Funding

Trade finance with

Submit Trade Finance request on LIQUID

1 Day

Trusted Document send to Bank, and release funding as quick as 1 day!