LIQUID Corporate ID

Validating litigation, KYCs, and business transactions

Addressed by LIQUID Blockchain Trusted Data.
KYC , Litigation , Business Transactions


Proof of any legal matters, KYCs or transaction evidence can be issued in a digital form. This information can be used for recruitment but also in any case where proof of qualifications is necessary.


Each time when a company wants to start a new business relationship, they have to confirm the identity and prove that they have KYCs to their companies. With Verifiable Credentials, corporate could be verified once in and then they could present issued Verifiable Credentials to prove identity and KYC with legal litigation results from time to time. This approach would significantly reduce the time needed to serve the client.

This can also work with Business transactions. If a financer institution or potential investors require from the business director to have certain proof of their business, instead of carrying the paper works with themselves, business director could be provided with Verifiable Credential to confirm that they have business with an amount of transactions and trading with specific business partner with volumns and real-time monitoring of this situation from time to time.

How it works